Ten of Spider-Man’s most sinister villains have come together in Sinister Six to form the ultimate team for a series of heists. Contribute your evil services to pull off the heist, or betray the others by snatching loot ahead of schedule. Make sure you’re prepared for the massive final heist because if you get captured by Spider-Man in the last round, it’s an instant loss for you! Features six hand sculpts from each of the ten villains included: Doctor Octopus Green Goblin Venom Sandman Mysterio Vulture Kraven the Hunter Electro Rhino Lizard Play action cards to fulfill the needed skills in a heist. Get rewarded by filling earlier spots in the queue to snag the best loot! Or play a black market card to snatch the loot before everyone else. Plan your attacks carefully and don’t trust your “teammates” to have your back for they’ll grab your loot quicker than any spider could.