In The Incredibles: Save the Day Game, you become a member of the Parr family and become responsible for the safety of Metroville.

All players start the game in the middle of the game board, and three problem cards are revealed at random from the deck. The game board includes cut-out pieces, and you flip the areas related to the problems to show what ability — speed, agility, defense, or strength — is needed to solve the problem.

On a turn, you roll the movement die, then reveal a new card if the alarm symbol is visible on the die. Sometimes the cards introduce new problems in the city or a roadblock that cuts off your movement; at other times, Frozone shows up to solve a problem on his own, Edna Mode shows up to rescue Jack-Jack (who starts on the game board and is represented by a die), or Jack-Jack teleports somewhere in the city.

After resolving the card, you optionally move, then if you’re on a problem, you roll your die to see whether you get the ability needed to solve it. If someone previously landed on Jack-Jack’s space or Edna found him, then you roll the Jack-Jack die as well. Flip the problem card face down on the track if you solve it.

If an unresolved problem ever reaches the end of the track, then you all lose the game. If all of the current problems have been resolved (i.e., are face down) and Jack-Jack is with the family, then you all win!