The Drug Enforcement Agency has descended upon the illegal operations of the international black market. With very few resources at their disposal, international outlaws must rely on one of the biggest technological breakthroughs of the twenty-first century: the Blockchain.

Crypto Cartel is a Card Game where players must establish resources in order to exchange them for Cryptocurrency — or Crypto. During exchanges, players may also earn Silk Road Cards, which can give you the opportunity to descend upon your opponents and their resources or to defend yourself from any attacks. Trading is also one of the main centerpieces of the game: while trading might give your opponents the ability to move ahead quicker in the game, trading can also help you maintain your production lines much longer. While earning high amounts of Crypto might be beneficial at first, it won’t guarantee that you’ll come out on top. Crypto Cartel encourages an aggressive playing style, but play too hard too fast and your opponents will quickly descend upon you.

Crypto Cartel has two different versions to play: a quick 30 minute game, or an epic one to two-hour game.